Burgemeester Geukerspark

Burgemeester Geukerspark


5701 RV Helmond
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Burgemeester Geukerspark is a true city park in the center of Helmond. A park for everyone, visitors and residents alike, offering something for everyone.

Children can play by the shore with water features and at the story-themed playground.

Along the canal side, a boulevard has been created where people can cycle and walk. The exercise route has also been reinstated. There is space on the grass to enjoy the sun or play. You can picnic at one of the tables. The park is situated between the Library, Piet Blomplein, and the canal on the former Obragas site.

The park was opened in June 2020.


  • Elke maandag open
  • Elke dinsdag open
  • Elke woensdag open
  • Elke donderdag open
  • Elke vrijdag open
  • Elke zaterdag open
  • Elke zondag open

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